Monday, June 15, 2009

I'm searching....

I have honestly forgotten about statcounter lately. But while killing some time online lately I decided to stop by.

As always, my favorite thing to read first is what people have typed in to a search engine that brought them to my blog.

Get ready.

Oklahoma Land Run
--completely understandable

Does Braums use msg in their burgers
--good question. The answer would be no. I've never had a reaction.

"Carrie Funk" Lubbock
--quite interesting to me. Maybe because of the last name and the fact that I visit there a lot.

Scenery of land in Oklahoma
--sorry to disappoint on this one. My Land Run post didn't really showcase the scenery. But it did showcase my Kennedy!

"crazedmomma" blog
--guess that's me!

...and my personal favorite...

Please could someone explain to me why you would end up at my blog by typing that in?

First, I am NOT mature. I am as immature as they come.

And B, yikes!


Debbie said...

It must have been related to the dinner theater post. LOL

Robin said...

I have been googled for boobs. Gypsies porn.
and mostly for a tingly foot.

Cozyflier said...

Well, at least you get searched for something! That part of statcounter is still blank for me!!!!

Think crazedmom was me, I was needing a picture for one of my blogs and wanted a caricature of the mom pulling her hair out!!! All your pictures came up!!!