Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well, if I have to...

As a lifetime Oklahoma resident and forever OU Sooner fan, I hate just about everything Texas. No offense, but it's the way I was raised. There are huge OU/Texas rivalries that have been around for many years. Now that we've reconnected with my family that lives there I have been found driving there almost every two months for some event that can't be missed.

This time found me headed for Tyler's graduation.

I have known Tyler, of course, since he was born. When I was 18. I was a bit self obsessed at that time in my life, but I remember his cute blue eyes and blond hair. We spent some Thanksgivings together and I have pictures of him with an old boyfriend. While he was growing up we saw each other a few times off and on but he was just a cute little cousin.

Fast forward to last summer when we had the amazing offer from the Funk family to go to Disneyworld with them. As their car pulled into our driveway this tall, good looking guy got out and gave me a hug. I couldn't believe it was Tyler! It had been a long time.

We spent the next 12 days getting to know each other. Turns out he's the little brother I always wanted! He made me laugh, laughed at me, and laughed at everything that I found funny. We have the same sense of humor and spent hours together and never got tired of each other. When he wasn't able to come to our house for the 4th of July because of work we drove down there to surprise him for his birthday. Since then it's been every two months.

We have the most fun together. We can always be found staying up until 4 or 5 in the morning chatting about life, high school, college, family, friends, computers...anything!! We never get tired of being together. Just like siblings we do annoy each other from time to time, but it never lasts long.

When he showed an interest in coming to Oklahoma for college I was thrilled. After a trip to OSU over Spring Break I was getting excited. When he decided to stay close to home at a local junior college for the first year and save money, I tried not to be crushed. But while talking to our cousin Brandon at a birthday party he told me Tyler was more then welcome to come live with him and go to OSU's junior college. I did a little dance and started sending out texts.

Low and behold, he was accepted and is moving here in 15 days!! He can transfer with his job and I can see him whenever I want! He's already told me to plan on feeding him:c)

But before that could happen, he had to graduate. So that brings me back to reason for this post.

Man, it does take me a while to get to my point, doesn't it?

I found myself on the Texas Tech campus. Entering the basketball stadium.
And wishing I'd packed something that said OU on it.

I am so not a crowd person. Add to it that I rode with Tyler and didn't discover in time that I'd left my cell phone in his car. That turned out to be a problem when I tried to find the rest of my family in a huge place. Thanks be to God I saw McKinley and met up with everyone.This kind of puts my graduating class of 72 people to shame.

I spent the first hour using my camera to try and find my sweet Ashley. When I gave up Shawn took the camera and found her in 5 minutes. He'd met her the day before and spotted her across the crowded room. Sometime I just hate him...that's her next to her dad in the orange shirt on the front row.

We watched himand just under 500 others get their diplomas and throw their caps in the air.I was so glad I'd braved the crowds and the whole Texas thing to see him graduate. I'm so proud of him. I know that he'll make friends in college, meet that special girl, and eventually get married. But for now, I'm going to enjoy every text, call, visit, and every minute I can spend with him.

But possibly the most fun part of the night? Playing pass the hat at dinner.But I think I looked the best. Of course, I was with the hot grad:c)Love you Tyler!

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Cozyflier said...

Awe!!! At least you got a picture with him in his gown :)

I don't know why you hate TX so much!