Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Please 'Splain

Why is it that when I am busy, have something in my hands, am folding laundry, cooking, texting, or napping...no one in this house can answer the phone?

Even when they're in the same room as the phone!!

But, if I am perfectly capable of answering the ringing phone, and am close to it, I am physically beaten, scratched, and pushed out of the way.

I'll never understand....


Cozyflier said...

You got me on that one! I'm now fighting Amelia to answer my cell phone which is on my hip!!!!! I want her to answer it when I'm driving, but not when I'm sitting on the couch, doing nothing!!! It is MY phone and the message might be personal!

Debbie said...

I thought this only happen in my house.

Cindy said...

ah yes, welcome also to my world, two teens, a tween and two tots... I can't use the phone when I want to and they won't leave me alone when I'm on it! Isn't that a rule with toddlers? Mom's on the phone - quick ask for snacks for breakfast, chocolate before dinner, ice pops over and over, go potty - need wiping, cry cry cry!!!!

miruspeg said...

Yep I ask this question to my CATS often.
I say pick up the phone and tell whoever it is I have my hands full.
They look at me with a blank face or say nup we are napping.