Sunday, June 14, 2009

What To Do??

When rain is in the forecast and Super Dad has promised the girls a movie, possibly a Float-In movie? You have a drive in. Really in. As in, in the garage.

Items needed:

A car
A garage
A garage door
A white sheet
A projector
A laptop
A bajillion cords
A few excited family members
And a few snacks
Items needed for the next Drive In theatre:

A fan!


miruspeg said...

Can you adopt me Steph?
You do the neatest things with your kids. I haven't been to a drive-in since 1976.
There is something about cars, snacks and movies.

sportzmom said...

That is the coolest! Did you hook up speakers too? I love the idea of the float in all I need is a pool!

Robin said...

So very creative! We only watch movies sitting on the couch. How boring!

Cozyflier said...

Sounds fun, but I'd rather do a float in movie!!

Debbie said...

When will I ever get up there? You guys have more fun in a day than most of us have in an entire summer.