Monday, June 8, 2009

Float In Theater

On warm summer nights we like to have 'Float In Theatre' in the backyard.

Shawn surprised us a few years ago with a projector, a sheet, some rafts, an orange extension cord, and a movie.

An idea was born.

Since then we have done it for birthday parties, Mommy's out-of-town evenings, and tonight's cousin get together. A cute lifeguard always helps things go smoothly:c)


Debbie said...

You guys put the FUN in Funk Conrad!

deedee said...

What a neat idea. I might try that for when the grandkids come over.

Robin said...

How fun!!!

Robin said...

What a cool Idea!!!!

Cozyflier said...

We'll have to do on the 4th we all us Funk's are in OKC!

Thanks for letting Tyler spend the weekend!