Friday, October 16, 2009

Okay, I'm warming up to Texas

We've discussed before that Texas is not my favorite place in the world. But I have found myself here again. I'm a sucker for family togetherness.

We took off early this morning for some bonding and cousin time and headed over to Lubbock. We also had to rub in the fact that we get a Fall Break and they don't:)

Leaving at 5:15 in the morning meant that by the time we crossed the state line it was still dark outside. Well, dark and foggy. I lost sight of the end of the hood on about six occasions. But after passing through Amarillo the sun was out, the fog was gone, and the clouds were clearing. Well, ending. Did you know that the clouds just abruptly end? We didn't either.Soon enough we were back under some. At home we'd just ended seven straight days of rain and cloudy skies so this bright thing shining through was odd to us. My lovely assistant and navigator wouldn't get my camera out so I used my phone to capture these. Not bad for a 2 mega pixel camera.See why I was having trouble with my navigator? This is how she spent most of the trip. And speaking of trouble, could someone please tell me why this picture won't enlarge? Here I have this whole trick figured out, I'm even showing if off to my aunt right now, but this one is being persnickety. And I bet spell check will be all over that last word.

Oh well, I think you get my point, right? Okay state, amazing sky, great family.

That's it.


*Update-I spelled 'persnickety' right! Can you believe it? But I honestly just typed 'believe' wrong three times.*

And now that's it.



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Anonymous said...

I love stopping by here. You always make me laugh!