Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I finished my monogrammed permanent pumpkin last night. Shawn finally showed me how to add fonts to Word and I got everything set up.

I printed our name out and cut the letters apart. I taped them in place on the pumpkin and played around with the spaces and angles.After using the tool to cut out the letters I tooth picked the inner letter pieces back in place.I put in on the porch with two little flicker lights and Shawn and I admired my handiwork. He although didn't think it was enough light so soon we had a work light inside of it. The massive amount of light coming out the bottom is not to my liking so we're still on the lookout for the perfect light.But for now I think it's looks cute just sitting on my porch.

Now, on to another project. Stay tuned!


Cozyflier said...

you are ahead of me! I've had pumpkins all month, but alas, none are carved or decorated! Looks cute. I've always used about 5 or 6 candles or flicker lights inside pumpkins to give enough light.

Lorie said...

How funny! I thought it just said RAD! ;D