Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My front porch... being taken over!

I love this time of year because of it. I can't wait until my favorite plant store puts the Ornamental Sweet Potato out for sale. I am such a cheap person way down deep inside and only five plants gets me a ton for my money.

And five little plants that look like my flower bed swallowed them turn into this.When I took these pictures, which was a month ago, it was spilling over the front side of the planter,making its way down onto the driveway,and getting up close and personal with the bench.Of course, the pumpkins and the candles also take up some room. McKinley is less than thrilled because this is her favorite homework spot.

Soon enough the first freeze will hit and it will be a disgusting brown stringy mess.

Luckily these pictures will be ready and waiting for me right here on my little blog:c)


Pedro Garcia Millan said...


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miruspeg said...

Hello Steph
Plants definitely have a mind of their own....they either spread out too much or too litte.
Hope all is well in downtown Oklahoma.
Peg xxx

McVal said...

Those are ornamental sweet potato? Wow that's pretty!
I'm going to have to do something like that around my garage this next year. Can't do this where I want to in the yard as the dogs will eat it down or lay on them...

Janis Dawson said...

If you will save the root, covering it with dirt in a paper bag and store it in a cool closet over the winter, you won't ever have to buy sweet potato plant again. It comes back every year for me.

Janis Dawson said...
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