Thursday, October 1, 2009

I'm going to camp!

I'm not at home.

I'm out of town.

Don't try and rob me. Two of my children and my in-laws are at our house.

And we don't have nice stuff.

Anyway, I'm at camp!

As I sit here on Tuesday taking a short packing break, I am trying to get excited. I've been to this camp before when McKinley was in 5th grade. Shawn has been the camp nurse for six years now. It is an amazing place. It's an outdoor YMCA camp that we use to learn about science. I had a blast last time even though it was over 100 degrees when we were there. My cabin had an air conditioner but it was broken. The maintenance man was in no hurry whatsoever to fix it. This year the weather should be beautiful for the first day. Then we're expecting rain and tornadoes.

Yip. Pe.

Hopefully I will survive. Check back Saturday to see.

It is a blast for the kids. They get to see their principal, counselor, classroom teachers, and P.E. teacher in a completely different way.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from a few years ago. If I don't have a child there I spend one day there to take yearbook pictures.This will be my position this year. I look for strong children who can row me around. I do try and dip my feet in when possible.Camp requirement. Catch it. Kiss it.Also a tradition. This picture shows up every year in the yearbook. It's personally a favorite. We have quite a fun principal.The year I went with McKinley we'd had a dry summer. We were told that usually there is a beautiful waterfall here. Instead there was dirt. When I spent the day the next year I took that hike to make sure the principal hadn't been lying. It's a climb to get down into the creek bed but worth it.

The view from here is amazing. And the kids are amazed to find out that after an hour of hiking up the mountain the altitude is actually lower than where we live. Makes for some fun questions.This is our counselors husband. He drives down for the first night to impress the kids with some wilderness facts. Sadly this is during counselor shower and free time so I miss it. Personally, I'd rather be clean.That's my man.

This is not mandatory but certainly cracked me up! So, this should be your warning. If I do survive I will have a bunch of pictures coming your way next week.

Be afraid.....

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