Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Camp Day 3

The end was near.

We went to bed later and had to get up earlier on the final day. Why is that?? I'll have to have that question answered before I go back with Reagan in three years.

Of the three hikes we had the hardest one on the last day. It's not necessarily a hard hike based on length and's the cliff we have to go up on all fours that makes it the hardest.

Before we moved out of our cabin we had to take a few pictures.

You can tell from my sweet cousin Ethan, all this fun can wear you out.After a bus ride we were on our way.

I found so many things along the way I had to take pictures of.Before long we were at the waterfall. Since I'd been cheated out of a waterfall the day before, I was glad to see this. When I'd gone three years ago with McKinley this area had been completely dry. The kids played on the rocks instead of playing in the water.The water is the most interesting color. It's because of the limestone rock that the water flows over. The leaves turn gray after falling in. It's a little eerie actually. Very Halloweeny.We took a cute picture while we were there.But on the other side of the waterfall was this.

Warren Mountain.We had about 40 people to get up it. Don't they look excited?Because of the danger there had to be parents every few feet to reach out a hand if needed. After the adults were all in place the kids got started. One of the things I love about being the yearbook editor and photographer is that I don't have to actually have a duty. I can say, "Oh, I have to take pictures," and go just about anywhere. I had no responsibility to save a life!One by one the kids walked across the creek, climbed over a rock, and followed along the water line until it was time to go up.From here most got on all fours to finish the climb. Dad to dad they slowly made their way up.The P.E. coach shouted encouragement from his perch at the top. He's been taking kids up this mountain for 13 years and in his words, "Hasn't lost one yet." So reassuring.Look at the view from the top!And there are those cute girls again:c)I don't think I've ever been in so many pictures!....looking so sweaty and sharing my bad hair day with the whole blogging world.The rest of the hike was up and down but not as up as the sheer cliff thing!

After a picnic lunch we started loading the buses to head home. I almost fell over when I saw my friend Susan walking toward me. Ha!! Tinkle. Anyway...

I was sleep deprived and sore in places I didn't know I had. I needed humor at that point in my life.

Everyone was still all smiles as the buses started rolling down the hills.But soon enough most of the girls on our bus looked like this.Isn't she cute? She's a worn out little camper.So we made it home. The thing that Kennedy had looked forward to for a whole year had lived up to her every expectation. I asked her today what she had to look forward to in 5th grade now.

Her reply?


It's going to be a long year.


Cozyflier said...

OK, tell me again how to make the pictures big! Looks like you all had a blast and pics are great. Wish we had a place like that to go to!

Hugs, miss ya'll


Margaret Glyn said...

What wonderful coverage of the trip! I almost feel as though I weree there. Thanks for the reporting and the photography!