Friday, October 30, 2009

PW's necklace


Here's mine all finished.I'm in love.

I haven't been to The Affair of the Heart since McKinley was a baby. After my mom's death and my inheritance of all her possessions my home decorating changed from country/artsy crafty to traditional. But this year McKinley was invited by a friend and because of an event at church I ended up having to take her late and staying myself. It was still a lot of the country stuff but I did find a few things worth my money. But what I found the most of were ideas. Thanks to a tall friend and a cell phone I was able to get some pictures of some things I knew I could make.

I decided to make the first for The Pioneer Woman at her book signing.

I learned quite a few things to do wrong and a few things to do right.

Here we go.

You'll need:scrapbook paper, silver charms (size and shape of your choice), rhinestones, Mod Podge, a paint brush, and glitter.

And if you could please have some permanent pumpkin pieces (say that three times fast) on your floor, I'd appreciate it.

My paper had a sheen to it. It was pretty but meant that it took 2 1/2 years for the ink to dry. Well, not exactly. But I will say that I ruined about four before I got it to be smear free. Next time I will print in the morning and assemble at night. I found a pretty font and printed out the initials. Font size 72 is one inch and by measuring my charm I figured out that 14 would work best for me.

(Sorry for the lack of pictures but I get started and forget! I also had Mod Podge from my fingers to my elbows and was afraid to touch my camera.)

After it had an appropriate time to dry, I cut the letters out leaving a bit of space around each one. I then carefully held onto it and ripped around it so that it had rough edges. I covered the charm with Mod Podge and stuck the paper on. I Mod Podged around the edges being careful not to get it on the printing because it will smear. (Don't ask me how I know that.) While it was still wet I used tweezers to place the rhinestone and sprinkled the whole thing with glitter. I set it down to dry and later shook off the excess glitter. The last step was going to my local do-it-yourself jewelry store and buying a chain.

Here it is all finished and boxed up. Sure hope she liked it!

Now, who wants to make one for me?? I'd like one for each of my girls. An M, K, and R.


Oh fine.

Guess I better get busy!


Debbie said...

Only if I can come to your place and get personal instruction. Thank you for taking the time to post this. Stephanie and I have been anxiously awaiting it. Keep coming up with crafty ideas but don't worry we will never let you admit that you are crafty.

vgsmom said...

It's lovely, I'm sure she loved it!

manda said...

Super cute!!! If you have an extra "M" laying/lying/whatever around...send it my way!!!

jean said...

Love it! And I'm sure PW loved it, too. :-)

Dr. White said...

Oh thank you, thank you for the instructions!! It was an amazingly thoughtful and lovely gift! I just know we'll see PW wearing it in some of her book tour photos! I HAVE to make some of these for Christmas gifts!