Thursday, September 16, 2010

Why I Love My Boss

My boss sent me this message on Facebook tonight. It seems she's having problems with our company Twitter account.

Let me lament my problems:

1.) My picture is still an egg. It won't let me change. Seriously.

2.)Everytime I login, I have to change my password. Every. Time.

3.) While Facebook knows me and loves me, Twitter, is a cold, dark place.

4.)I stumbled upon the OKCMAR site and managed to follow about 18 people, but unlike Facebook where I've met them in real life, I only have a virtual relationship. Am I stalking?! And if so, is that OK?

5.)I am reminded of the scene out of "My Best Friend's Wedding" where Julia Roberts is chasing after her best friend, who is chasing after his bride and Julia's friend says, "Who is chasing her?" She replies, "He is." "And who is chasing him?" She replies, "I am." "And who is chasing you?!" She replies, "No one."

That is me! I'm the girl as the end of the line in Twitter.

Do you see why I love her??? She cracks me up all the time. My cheeks hurt after spending time with her.

The upper ones:c)


Nicki said...

I am way too uncool for Twitter! I am still trying to figure out if it is for me or not. I have like 300+ friends on Facebook and I can honestly say that I know 98% of them personally. I have like 8 Twitter followers and I think I know 3 of them. Plus I am way too neurotic for that! None of my words are retweet worthy. I refuse to add more xanax to my diet because of that damn condescending bird!

Jamie said...

I felt the same way when I first signed up. I posted on FB that if I tweet something and I have no followers...then basically I'm just talking to myself...which I already do.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that your boss, who obviously sounds intelligent,will gain control of her issues and use this social media tool to take her business to the next level, just like the expert told her it would.