Saturday, September 4, 2010

Lambert's...oh how I love you

We started our last minute vacation/road trip by heading to pick up my in-laws. They live at one end of the turnpike. Why of why the Oklahoma Turnpike Authority feels the need to do 9 straight miles of road construction during summer break is beyond me. But to keep it fair they also do it during Fall Break, Thanksgiving Break, Christmas Break, and Spring Break. Basically anytime there's going to be twice as many cars as usual, they park a whole bunch of equipment, rip out several miles of road, make us merge to one lane, and drop us from 75 mph to 55. And believe me when I say this, in 17 years of regular turnpike travel, I have hardly seen any actual work being done. It gets finished obviously, but you hardly ever see actual work happening. Apparently they don't work before 9, after 3, on weekends, when there's bad weather, or on holidays. Sounds like a job I could do!

In one of the construction zones I was following this. Not a dog in a crate in the back of a truck, but a goat. I guess goats do have to be transported from time to time....but I must say, I thought this was a hunter taking his dog out for the day.

Maybe it's a hunting goat!Honestly, I just looked at the title of this post and wonder if you all think I'll ever get to the point.

I am now. Sorry for the wandering.

But wait! Just one more thing. Look at that sky! If the goat was a bad omen (come on, it could be viewed that way!), then the sky is a good omen.

Now I'm really back on track.

After we picked up Gogo and Grampa we set out for the final 4 hours. I don't mind the drive (even with more construction) because I know where I'm headed. Yes yes, Branson was our ultimate goal but Lambert's comes first.

If you've never been to Lambert's, you haven't lived. Food galore. Everything is all you can eat. I have never once in my life eaten all the food I've been served. My mother-in-law ordered the Chef Salad once and it took two people to bring it to our table. She ate and ate and it never looked like she took a bite. I have always gotten the vegetable sampler. That plus the pass arounds are plenty of food for me.

As soon as you're seated (and we've waited as long as an hour and a half) I grab a paper towel and start looking for the person with the pass around okra. As I was looking the roll guy came buy. Lambert's claim to fame is that it's the "Home of the Throwed Rolls". And they mean it. Rolls aren't brought to your table and placed in front of you, they're tossed across the restaurant. It's a good idea to stretch a bit first to prepare for your catch. And since they're hot it's a good thing I already had my paper towel out. I could have been fine with this food, okay, more of it, but there's more!After your order comes, which is about five minutes after your order is placed, you can get the other pass arounds. Black eyed peas, macaroni and tomatoes, and hello lover, fried potatoes. Add that to the mashed potatoes, creamed corn, green beans, and pineapple walnut salad I'd ordered for my meal. Sadly I didn't take any more food pictures because I was inhaling everything in sight.

As I sat back and wondered if I could unbutton my pants without anyone seeing, I took in the atmosphere. It's such a fun place. Almost every inch of wall space is covered with Norman Rockwell prints and old fashioned advertising signs. Flags from all 50 states hang from the ceiling. And there's the roll thrower.He's vying for my love. It's honestly between him and the okra girl.I'll have to go back and try to figure that out....I'll keep you posted:c)

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Cozyflier said...

I made Kevin a believer of Lamberts this summer when we detoured to the one in Alabama! Unfortunately, I only got 2 pictures! I was too busy eating!