Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Crazy Beautiful

I did it.

I bought my business name.

I've started the paperwork to get my tax ID number.

I found a printing company.

I've been practicing.

I've had some great people to shoot.

Yep, I've finally decided what I want to be when I grow up.

A sharp shooter/sniper.


I'm going to be a photographer!

I've been interested for quite a while. You can see that here.

So I found some willing victims friends that wanted their pictures taken.

And here's what I got:o)

The beautiful Ashleigh. I grew up with her mom Angie. In 5th grade we had to write a report on all the presidents. Angie and I teamed up and used my encyclopedias until we got to where mine were outdated. We then started going to Angie's house and walking over to the neighbors house that had the most current set of encyclopedias. Life before the internet! Does anyone else remember it? That is also the moment when I fell in love with all things presidential.

Ashleigh was up to anything. She did kid with me a few times, like when I told her to climb up into the window or change clothes in the elevator, but she was willing. And her pictures show her inner and outer beauty.I then had the pleasure of a 12 hour round trip car ride to and from Lubbock to take Ashley's pictures. She's our beautiful bonus daughter. Taking pictures in an unfamiliar town was challenging, but we found some wonderful places.And since we were staying with my uncle and aunt, I got to take some pictures of their daughter Amelia. McKinley usually helps me pose but she was too busy using Carrie's camera to take pictures of Amelia:o)And of course, I got a picture or two of McKinley. That girl. Never a normal smile.I promise I'm not going to make this a photography blog. Where would I whine, or tell stories about my children, or share funny pictures? I plan on starting a different website in the future.

But now that I feel like I've found my passion, my calling...expect it to creep in from time to time:o)


Unknown said...

Oh, shoot! I knew I should have had you take my head shot when we were in Dallas. Now I'll never be able to afford you!

LOL! JK! You take great portraits and you're gonna have tons of fun doing it. Congrats!

Nicki said...

Good for youuuuu!!!!!!!!! I am 38 and a senior (citizen) in college. I still have 2 years after this to get my Masters but whatever. This isn't about me! I know how great it feels to finally decide what you want to be when you grow up!! Godspeed!!! Your photos are beautiful and so is Ashley! And feel free to incorporate photos in this blog if you want but NEVER stop complaining! We need that from you!! Hee hee!!

Cozyflier said...

You aren't alone. Every picture I have of her is crazy like this too! At least you have time to practice before you have to do Senior pictures! I'm so glad you bought your name!! Congrats! Wish you had told us when you were here!

sportzmom said...

You go girl! Great shots!

Cynthia said...

That's awesome! Great pictures :)