Thursday, September 2, 2010

TP'ing Is So Old School

When I was in middle school and high school tp'ing was the thing to do. If you woke up with your house done you knew you'd arrived. Been accepted.

I was taken tp'ing for birthday parties, on a date, and with a group from church in the church van!

As I was in college tp'ing was changing. Ever been forked? Or signed? The plastic fork thing is hilarious. I've heard it takes a while to clean up though. And the signs? That one I don't like. I've seen a yard with a hundred real estate for sale signs in it. To me that's more like stealing. And that would be so hard to get taken care of! Imagine either returning them to the realtors or having to call them all to say you have them.

But this?
This had me laughing. Okay, cackling. Election day was over and since this house is right by the polling place for our community I'm sure they didn't have to go far to pick the signs up. I know it was still a bunch to pick up, but it would just involve picking and pitching in the trash can.

Luckily they left it up for two days so everyone could enjoy it:)


thelifeofaParish said...

this is amazing!!! i laughed so hard!

sportzmom said...

I've tp'ed and I've signed, but never forked! Please they go directly into the ground with the tines coming out or do the tines go in the ground? Not that I'm planning to go out and fork or anything!