Thursday, March 26, 2009

Zach and Ashley

Sometimes I wonder why God decides to bring people into my life. Some I don't feel I need and others I'm so blessed to have. He's funny that way.

While we were with the Funk's this summer we had the pleasure of meeting Zach and Ashley.

Zach was 18 and Ashley was 15 and they live across the street from my uncle and aunt. Zach and Tyler are good friends and Ashley fits into the Funk family like another daughter. To the complete happiness of Amelia. Over that trip I learned more and more about their family situation from my aunt Carrie.

Their mother had slipped one day while at work as a teacher. She hurt her knee badly enough that she required surgery. During the simple surgery she suffered a stroke and ended up partially paralyzed and wheelchair bound. Not being able to care for herself or her children she now lives in a nursing home where she can have constant care. Zach and Ashley's dad at some point during all of this took off. I don't really know how much contact they have with him now. Zach and Ashley ended up being given to their grandparents.

Last Mother's Day their grandmother died of liver complications leaving them with just their grandfather. There is more family close by but they are in the care of their grandfather.

Can you imagine...I had a pretty crappy upbringing with divorced parents and little money but nothing like this. They have had so much sadness and grief. And yet, they're both amazing kids.

Zach is your typical 18 year old boy...
well, what some people consider typical. Ready to graduate, girl crazy, outgoing, unsure of his future.

Ashley is a beautiful now 16 year old girl who has struggles but always has a smile on her face. Her smile makes you smile, too. My girls love to be around her just as much as everyone else does.I have grown pretty close to both of them through our frequent visits and the wonderful world of text messaging. They both tend to text when there's something wrong or they just want to talk. I so look forward to spending time with them when we visit. Ashley calls me her 'mom' and I just can't stop hugging her. Zach keeps me in stitches with his quick wit and funny outlook on life.

That is the reason we found ourselves headed to Lubbock Wednesday evening of Spring Break. Ashley wanted us at her party. To see the other two-thirds of the Funk's was just the icing on the cake!

Without a woman in the house to cook that chore usually falls to Ashley. When I headed over to see if Zach needed any help being the 'grill master' I found Ashley in the house prepping the rest of the food. I quickly told her to stop and took over. I know how much I hate to cook on my own birthday. I loved getting to spend time with her and see her with her best friend. I had tears rolling and it wasn't just from the onions!
Being a part of their family for the evening, meeting the boyfriend, and seeing their happiness was wonderful.

I feel God has blessed my life by bringing them into it.
I love you guys!


Cozyflier said...

Stefunk, you have an amazing writing talent. What a wonderful post. Love, your Aunt~ I have to stop before I start crying

Martha said...

Sounds like you are all lucky to have each other.

Just shows what God can do with a horrible situation if you just let Him.

Anonymous said...

Which one was the sixteen year old and which one is the twenty something? Just kidding. It seems that one of Mitchel's Angels is still at work blessing the lives of others. Way to go Stefunk!