Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm blogging this!

I was given a wonderful Christmas present from my
Aunt Carrie. A shirt from thinkgeek.com.
I have worn it on several occasions and have gotten mixed reviews each time.

At a family party where the average age was 70, not many people got it.

At the girls Valentine's parties at school, just about everyone did.

I'm always looking for places to wear it.

While cleaning out a kitchen cabinet today I found a picture Reagan had drawn of me. Why it was folded up and in the Tupperware cabinet I'll never know. It wasn't in the cabinet where I usually shove things:)
I love the colors...and the fact that she drew me shorter than her. She says it's because I drink coffee. I've told her for years that it will stunt your growth.

But look closely.

Do you like my shirt?
It says, "I'm going to blug this."

Hee hee. I'm assuming she meant 'blog'. I don't have a habit of bludgeoning people.

Well, that anyone knows of:C)


Renee said...

That is funny!! You have a very perceptive daughter...with a brilliant sense of humor!! lol!

vgsmom said...

That's great--how fun! That belongs on a scrapbook page.

Cozyflier said...

Oh Stephanie! So Funny. Did Reagan do the picture before or after I gave you the shirt??

Alisa said...

I really do love the shirt-
My kids are saying all the time ...are you going to blog this?