Monday, July 14, 2008


I would hope that all of my readers are praying people because that's how I am but.....

I'm out of town. We just can't get enough of that wacky family that took us to Disney World so we're at their house for a few days to bother them.

I, of course, brought two laptops, a camera, all the necessary cords, and my best friend. My external hard drive. Can you hear the angels singing?? Imagine my shock and horror when I plugged it in and it didn't work! I had Tyler look at it because he's smart but he couldn't help. We plugged it into a different computer, tried a different cord, and wept. Well, just me. Then I pulled my best kept secret out...I called Shawn. He's a computer tutor extraordinaire. But he couldn't help:( I have to wait until I get home to see what he can do in person.

So back to my original reason for this post. If you're of the praying variety, please pray. If you light incense or candles and meditate, please do. If you dance outside with chicken parts, dance away.

I'm scared! A blog without pictures? I'm not witty enough to pull that off!

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A.C.A. said...


Good to hear from you and glad to find out you're a blogger! It will be great to stay in touch!