Thursday, July 10, 2008

Animal Kingdom

Let's see, the Animal Kingdom...where to start. How about at the entrance. That's where our problems began.

Kevin and Carrie were sleeping in that morning (don't know how I missed that opportunity) so Chris and Tyler and I were in charge. Okay, I guess since I was the only adult I was in charge but I couldn't have done it without them! Since our matching t-shirts had done so much for us the day before (First Family) we did it again. I was loaned a Funk University t-shirt to wear since I originally was a Funk. (Actually I still am, it's my middle name!) Chris and I took the five little ones through one line and Tyler went through another one. We were standing around waiting for Tyler when McKinley said that they were making Tyler turn his shirt wrong side out or he couldn't stay. We headed right over to see what was going on. We were told that our shirts were offensive and we would have to turn them wrong side out of leave the park. What? It was our last name! How could that be offensive? I offered to show them our drivers licenses but we were told if we wanted to fight it we had to go to Guest Services. We marched ourselves over there and told the cast member our story. She looked confused and told us she needed to go get her boss. He came out and listened to our story and turned down the viewing of our licenses. He told us it was great that we had shirts with out families name on them and apologized for how we had been treated. He explained that the clothing company French Connection sells shirts in the UK that say FC UK. Those are the offensive ones! He offered us free fast passes for our trouble. Woo-Hoo!
We used our Fast Passes to ride Everest, the roller coaster there. Now, I don't know if I've mentioned this before but...I hate roller coasters! I get sick on a Ferris Wheel so I've always assumed that meant I would do the same on roller coasters. I have had to ride some at Silver Dollar City because one of the girls wanted to go and there was an odd number but I didn't enjoy it. But I also didn't get sick. That by no means meant that I wanted to do roller coasters at Disney. Well, we were an even number group. That means that I had to ride it all, whether I wanted to or not. Also, as I've discussed before, my family lied to me about almost every ride. By the time we were going to Animal Kingdom I had ridden a lot of roller coasters and had even gone upside down three times on one!

Bring on Everest! This part had me worried but I made it through. These people however were stuck right here for over an hour. I'm so glad I wasn't one of them! They would have had to take me out with a stun gun because I would have been going a little nuts! I was fine during the ride until we went backwards, in the dark, at a very fast speed. That did it, I was nauseous!

We did get a good picture later as Everest Survivors though! By then I was feeling better.

They did have animals there. I know, you're surprised. We did a walk through some displays and came across this. I couldn't stop laughing! I'm weird like that.We had to take waterfall pictures!

Tyler and AJ love having their picture taken, can you tell?

The backwards boobies...enough said. I had tears.

Kennedy took the camera for a while and shot this amazing picture of a meerkat.Interesting tidbit. (Because I know you love those!) Chris was our ring bearer in 1994. The Lion King was the popular movie so Shawn bought him a stuffed Timon. Chris recently moved into his own apartment and found he still had Timon! That was 13 years ago.

With Fast Passes we rarely stood in lines. Oh it was so nice! But to take the train to the petting zoo we did wait a while. Things got a little crazy.

Just for McKinley though. The rest of us were fine.

The train was nice and relaxing and since I had been cooking each night for the ten of us I liked this sign!

So ended our day at Animal Kingdom. We didn't offend anyone else and had quite a bit of fun!

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