Friday, June 6, 2008


As if being rushed to the hospital TWICE before she was 18 months old with pneumonia wasn't Reagan did this!

And let me just apologize now for the blurry photos. A nervous, nauseous mother does things like forget to push the macro button.

The needle was just one of the many things that made me woozy.

All done, but still yellow. I kept showing her the pictures so that she could see what was happening!

All cleaned and ready to go!

All smiles sporting the HUGE band aid! A trip to Braum's for ice cream, Taco Bell for dinner, and the pharmacy for a new Little Kins helped with the smile.

And now, the rest of the story.

While walking around the pool today Reagan slipped and fell in. She managed to not hit any other part of her body except her chin. It slammed into the side of the pool. A quick call to Daddy- a wardrobe change for Mommy and Reagan-a call to the insurance company where Shawn told his birthday four times and spelled Integris 6 times
(ARGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)-and we were FINALLY on our way! We went to a medical clinic a few miles away and they took us right back. But then they told us that we should probably go to the ER because they couldn't give her anything to sedate her for the shot. We all three talked about it and Shawn and I decided we should just stay there. They sent us back out to the waiting room to fill out 4 pages of forms. I gave Reagan a pep talk and mentioned all the shots at the doctors office that she had NEVER cried during and how, just a few months earlier, she had her ears pierced and the girl missed and shot it out the bottom or her ear lobe instead of the back.

She didn't care.

We still decided to stay and were finally called back again. Reagan was a trooper! We held her arms while they put the needle into the gash to deaden the area but she was very still. Mommy, on the other hand, had to be given a chair before she met the floor. After that she was a little upset about the iodine but was wonderful during the stitches!

Right now she's sitting on the couch happy as can be. Well, her Tic Tacs just spilled, but generally happy!

Oh, the stress of being a parent!!


Robin said...

Ouch!!! Glad she's ok. My boys have all had broken arms, but never stitches - yet!

Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...


Kristie said...

Oh, wow, I just read this and didn't even know when I e-mailed you earlier that it had happened. While I'm sorry to hear that it happened at all, I have to say that thank goodness Shawn is a nurse, because it doesn't sound like the medical field is your cup of tea! :) Or is it just when it's YOUR kids? Because that does make it tougher, of course. :)

Either way, I hope this doesn't slow her down one step at Disney next week!