Thursday, June 5, 2008

Bruised ribs, copper thieves, and indoor soccer

What happens when your husband has an indoor soccer game on a day when the high is 95 and copper thieves have stolen parts to the air conditioner? Oh and I almost forgot; said husband has bruised ribs from getting the wind knocked out of him in a game a few days earlier??

Well, first of all, almost everyone is sporting sweat rings!

But some were smart enough to wear a wet paper towel bandanna.

Shawn had to take some breathers. This is of course when I would panic!

But he did have some good bursts of speed and some great plays!

And then he played goalie...that stresses me out the most! Talk about sweating!

Oh, and have you noticed the name of the team? Morx Dorx. Oh yes, they're dorks. We're proud.


I have never claimed to be a good photographer but these pictures are shameful. I had to take these in an indoor arena through a Plexiglas wall. A dirty Plexiglas wall. Also because of the lack of air conditioning they had turned out a majority of the hot lights. Not even Photoshop could help these!

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Kristie said...

If ever Shawn needed proof of your love, it is the fact that you stayed. I would have bailed, and sat outside in my car, with the a/c running at full blast. And probably made a run to Sonic while waiting for him to finish. :)