Friday, June 27, 2008

First Family

Go grab a pen and some paper.

Are you back?

Here it is. My number one, best kept secret, no money needed, tip to survive Disney World:

-Take my Aunt Carrie

There it is. You can thank me later.

What? That's not possible for you? Okay, okay. I'll give you my second tip. This one is no fail, a sure thing.

-Take my cousin Chris

What, that won't work either? Oh good grief.

But wait. Let me show you what can happen if you do take them.

You could get chosen as the 'First Family' in the Toontown area of the Magic Kingdom.

That means that you get to enter that area before it opens and be Goofy's guest on his roller coaster.

And if you're really lucky, he'll ask if you want to go for a second ride.

Then he will walk you off the ride and past the now hundreds of people in line for character pictures and autographes.

And since you would have a personal photographer for all of this you would get some wonderful pictures!

So you see what I was saying. You really need to take these two incredible people. They know the ins and outs and inner workings of all things Disney.

You know, they might do it for the right price!

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