Saturday, May 3, 2008


Who would have guessed that me, little old Stephanie, would have survived 5 days without chewing? Certainly not me! I have truly shocked and amazed myself. I am officially down 14 pounds since Monday. 5 days. 14 pounds in 5 days. I have to keep saying it or it might not be true! I have not only survived cooking for my family but eating out with friends and taking my girls out for fast food twice! I even dipped onion rings in ketchup and handed them out and didn't even want a bite. Me, the onion ring fanatic!! I've stopped using the recipes I found and I'm just making my own. Putting in what sounds good. I haven't been disappointed yet. They're all good. This mornings was 3 apples, 2 oranges, a beet, baby carrots, a mango, and some spinach. The color is amazing! Shawn has decided, because of my amazing success, that he wants to juice one meal a day. It was so good that it was hard to share it with him but... he is the love of my life... so I did. I have one friend that's buying a juicer today and another who is researching it. I hope they'll do it. It's amazing how good you can feel!

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