Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Field Trips, galore

Well, it's that time of year...May Madness. In the last 12 days my 3 children have had 8 field trips. Of course, at times there were two on the same day, at the same time. I can't be two places at once, as I'm sure most of you know. To add insult to injury we also had a piano contest and recital during all of that. Just to name a few I've been to a florist, hiking at Red Rock Canyon, an art museum, and the zoo. Twice. Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from my 12 days of chaos.
Of course you have to see the anteater. What was God thinking? He most definitely had a sense of humor.

We got to see the Albino Peacock!

Speaking of that sense of humor. Anyone ever seen a Frogmouthed bird?

How perfect is this shirt for a LEAP field trip? LEAP is the gifted and talented program. Thanks Becca for the shirt!

I just love the Bat House. We have a bat in our neighborhood. When we swim after dark he drinks from the pool. Freaky, yet cool.

Can you see the Red Panda in this picture? Look hard, he's in there somewhere.

Then there were these animals. It took almost 15 minutes to buy two drinks.
We saw two gorillas holding feet. How sweet is that?
And then there were these two gorillas.

As always, the misters were a highlight.

We found a male Peacock without tail feathers. I felt so sorry for him.

We took pictures on every possible statue.
Sometimes it was hard to see what the animal underneath them was.

Did you all know that my pet Turkey Tom saved my life once? Interesting story. If I survive all these field trips and ever blog again maybe I'll share it.

This got quite a few laughs.

I think this grizzly was embarrassed that we caught him relaxing in the tub.

This was just too funny to pass up!

The elephant getting a bath was HIGHLY entertaining! Thank goodness for digital, I took 25 pictures!

The flowers were beautiful! The massive amounts of rain we had the morning of this trip probably helped!

These aren't animals but they sure were cute. He had a habit of wandering. When all 90 students are wearing the same shirt it made him a little hard to keep up with! Reagan helped me with that.

I think these are animals!

I also had a pet peacock. Her name was Peachick and she would knock on the door every morning and I'd come out with two pieces of toast. I'd sit on the front step and we'd eat together.
And so the week ended. This picture was taken about 6 hours before we had a piano recital. She was not amused!

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