Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More field trips, galore

Well, to keep my last post from being forever long I thought I'd break up my field trips into two posts.

3rd grade went to Red Rock Canyon...after a solid day of rain. Yes, we were not excited. The moms that is. The students were all fired up!

Here's what we saw everywhere we turned!

And this.
We were so busy looking down that we were actually missing some beautiful scenery!

We saw some beautiful bird nests on the side of a cliff.

And some interesting trees!

And these two natural wonders were quite beautiful:C)

She makes mud look cute!

Then off to the Art Museum with the middle school Art class.
This is a 5 story glass work of art.

I couldn't stop taking pictures of it!

Can you see the person in here? Looks kind of like a cherub.

There he is! This piece of artwork has 1400 pieces and was shipped in 1400 boxes from Seattle and assembled on sight. The artist has made some other amazing pieces that are on display right here in OKC.

This was the ceiling! The artist has this same thing on the bottom of his pool!

Kind of made me think I was in a Dr. Suess book.

And then there was this amazing work of art sitting right next to another:C)

So ends the crazy 12 days of field trips. Only 8 more days of school. Of course, there's something to do every single one of those 8 days. It just happens at school, not on a field trip.

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