Monday, May 19, 2008

I'm going to Disney World!!!


That's right folks, we're going to Disney World! My aunt called Friday night and said that friends of theirs that were going backed out. Since they had two condos reserved would we like to go? I of course said, "YES!" way too loudly and starting hopping around. She then mentioned that I should talk to Shawn first. Funny thing about that. Right before the phone rang we had been talking about the fact that the stimulus check had arrived. We had decided to make some much needed improvements in the girls bathroom. Now, that money is going to Disney. (The girls are fine with their old bathroom for now!)

My uncle built a plane several years ago so four of the six of their family will be flying. The girls and I will be riding with the other two. We don't have to pay for the condo and will be splitting gas so I just need money for food, souvenirs, and park hopper passes. Thank you United States Government!! We plan to spend 5 days hopping and two days visiting the beach and of course Kennedy Space Center. (She's thrilled.) Since my uncle and his family have gone every year for the last nine they know all the ropes that are Disney. That is a huge relief to me since Shawn won't be going with us. He's new enough to his company that he doesn't have time built up. We will miss him desperately!!!!!

So....I need to be swimsuit ready in 22 days!! I broke my juice fast for the last week because I felt guilty that my girls wanted to take me out for Mother's Day and I wouldn't be able to eat. We also had dinner plans at a friends house and a family barbecue that same weekend. But now I'm back at it! Well, sort of. I am juicing two meals a day. I am also upping my workouts.




Wish me luck!

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Robin said...

Sounds like fun!!! We are going to Branson again in June! I like your blog!