Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Awards Ceremony

McKinley is my first born, the most like me. That's good and bad.

She has always been a straight A student...until last year. She had a teacher and student (the teacher's daughter) that made her life pure hell. Sorry Grandma, but it was hell. There was physical abuse and verbal abuse and some very underhanded things that were done. We were thrilled that she finished the year with B's and C's.

This year, she's not putting up with the girls abuse and the mother/teacher is in another building and doesn't have much control over anything. The last thing the teacher did though before McKinley left elementary was put her in regular math instead of advanced. I called the counselor when I found out and he told me the criteria to be in it were #1. to be in LEAP, and #2. to have scored a certain amount on the standardized testing. She met both those requirements. The final thing it came down to, the team teacher made the final decision. Yep, you guessed it, she kept McKinley out of it.

I got a call two weeks ago saying McKinley was getting an award at the ceremony. During the first semester she had gotten the 'Purple Broncho Award'. Straight A's, less then 3 tardies, and no office referrals. On her last report card she had one B so I guessed that she was going to get the 'White Broncho Award'. Almost like the Purple but not straight A's. Imagine our surprise when her name was called for the top student in English!

Then she was asked to stay on stage....

and she was given the award for top Math student!

I was bursting with pride at this point and thought the 'White Broncho' would round out the evening for us. But that award came and she wasn't called. Yep, she got the 'Purple Broncho'!! She brought her B up to an A and got the top award!

So....the way I see it is...if she had been in Advanced Math she would have been in the middle of the class. But since she is in regular old 6th grade Math she's the top student. We're slowly proving to that teacher that she can't mess with us anymore!

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Jennifer Chronicles (jenx67.com) said...

Very eery. We went through something very similar THIS year. Painful stuff to see your child treated unfairly. I am so glad it's behind you, and after 4th grade graduation today, it will be behind us! When people hurt my kids, I really do get a little crazy.LOVE the pics on your blog.