Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ah, lazy summer days

I love summer. Only because I have a pool. Otherwise winter is my favorite season.

Our pool is 54 years old and has an amazing history of hundreds and hundreds of people swimming in it. (Not all at once! The most we've had at once is 45.) We have continued the tradition of opening it to our friends. Here's a sampling of how we've spent the last week.

I don't always get the full shot. Check out the window though!

It's a Josie sandwich!

She'll be thrilled when she sees these!

She jumps higher then anyone! Look at the amazed faces of the onlookers.
(Click for a larger view)

Cooper turned 6 yesterday. He wanted to spend the day at our pool. He brought cupcakes so I said yes!

There's always a snack time.

There's one in every bunch.
Notice how most of the pictures are focused on the same area of the pool? That's because that's where my lawn chair is located!!

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Kristie said...

Stephanie, those are awesome photos --- looks like everyone is having a grand time! I especially like the "flip off the diving board with the inflatable raft" one ... very creative! :)