Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Word Feud

I have a new addiction. A legal one. Never had one of those illegal ones...


It's Word Feud for the Android phone.

A cousin put on Facebook that she played it so I quickly downloaded it and invited her to a game. I don't think I ever beat her. She doesn't play anymore though. Something about college needing her full attention. Oh, and wedding planning. Excuses, excuses. McKinley and Kennedy didn't last long either since I kept beating them. I mainly play random opponents because I don't have friends that are cool enough to have Android phones. I've put it on Facebook and Twitter to no avail. But then my friend Amy put it on her status. We've played about 15 games since then and I've But the last one I only lost by 3!

Since I play a lot of random people I don't utilize the chat option very often.

But other people do.

I've met some interesting people.

Terry214-Before he'd start the game he sent me a message asking where I lived. I replied 'somewhere in the middle' and waited patiently. He then asked how old I was. I replied 'old enough to know not to tell people'. I then waited not very patiently. He then asked how old old enough was. I didn't reply and gave him one more chance. He still hadn't started the game! When he asked if I was married, I resigned the game.

Sengrit-I've discovered that this game isn't really something you sit down and play from start to finish. It can take days. If you wait 72 hours it will resign for you, but if you play before that, you can keep going for days. I've had a 3 week game. After all, life gets in the way and people do have to sleep. One morning I played a word in a game that was about halfway through and then went to work. An hour and a half later I had a chat message from Sengrit. "Could you either play or resign if you don't plan to finish this game? I can't resign since it's your turn." I thought that was rude but played anyway. 5 minutes later they'd resigned.

Foofee-We were 2 days into a game and had just woken up when I got this message, "Will you just play." I know I shouldn't have....but I resigned. I won't have free app Word Feud random opponents talk that way to me!

Studmuffin86-The name concerned me, I must say. Before he played he sent a message asking if I was ready to play. I guess asking to start a game and letting the app choose someone for me wasn't enough for him. I replied yes and he played a word. While I was playing mine I got another message. "You ready to lose?" I replied that I win about half my games. I won't know which half you're on for a while." He sent back, "I'll be on the winning half." After about 6 words each I was up by over 100 and he resigned. Guess he was on the losing half.

So who out there is cool and has an android phone like me?? Come find me! Stefunk. I can promise you have a 50% chance of winning:D


Anonymous said...

i play word fued on my phone and always looking for a decent opponent if you are interested. will look for you tomorrow, uk female cherbailey

Unknown said...

This is my first word feud game. I have one tile left, the "Q". How or when does this game end? Can I play another game while I am waiting for my opponent to finish?

Unknown said...

So how do you resign from Wordfeud games?

Anonymous said...

I would also like to know how to resign. I know you can but I can't find the option on my phone.