Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Eve

I wish I knew how long our church has been having Christmas Eve Candlelight Services...let's just say for a long time. It's always been our families tradition to go to that and then eat Mexican Stack-Ups and Layered Dessert. My grandma would make the Stack-Ups and my mom would make the dessert. When I got married and my mom passed away we started doing everything at our house. I am a huge tradition follower. No good tradition will ever end with me. So Stack-Ups and Layered Dessert have continued.

But first, the candlelight service. Our church seats 2500 people and on Christmas Eve every seat is used. So much so that for the last several years they've offered two services. The name has been changed to Carols and Candlelight Service. I am traditional, I don't like the change.

But some things never change. Like Silent Night and the candles.We'd gone to the first service so as soon as we got home I started the chili and started getting all the ingredients out. Stack-Ups are a Mexican dish where you put out tons of items and people can stack up whatever their heart desires. Some people just use everything. Some people are my wonderful husband who loves everything that I cook:c)My buffet in the kitchen is getting smaller. Or is it that we just keep adding things?Stack-Ups

Tortilla Chips
Cheddar Cheese
Sour Cream
Black Olives
Picante Sauce
And this years addition, Jalapeno Slices (Shawn was the only partaker.)

After we ate we forced the girls to sing their Rocking Around the Christmas Tree trio. McKinley was not excited about that at all. She hates when people look at her while she sings.

Can you tell? After Minty Snowman making (next blog post) the girls set out treats and a letter that Reagan wrote. She's our only believer left:( And just when we thought it was safe to start putting stuff out, McKinley came running downstairs to tell us something. Reagan had left her camera out, on the video setting, to try and catch Santa.Shawn and I decided to make a little video. So Reagan woke up to a dark video with the sound of jingle bells jingling.

I love Christmas Eve! What are your traditions?

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Cozyflier said...

We use to go to Christmas Eve Candlight service, but you know the story of what happened. anyway, we load up the kids in the pillows and blankets, leave the trunk open, Kev sits in back, and I drive slowly around the neighborhood. We look at lights and sing carols. Then we come home, get pjs on and put out cookies and eggnog for Santa and water for the reindeer! AJ believes in the spirit of Santa!