Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still There?

I'm still here...are any of you??

My new laptop screen came in! And Shawn put everything back together! And it was the wrong screen. Again. Apparently it's pretty confusing to order one of those puppies.

So here I sit with Shawn's honking laptop crushing my thighs. Wait, maybe that's a good thing. Maybe some fat will disappear.

Moving on.

Even though I don't have my laptop I do have pictures. Because if you've read here long enough you know it would take an act of God to prevent me from taking pictures. I've been saving them all on Shawn's computer and severely dragging down his computers performance:c)

Even though I'm not blogging my life continues to race ahead. I've been working, not doing laundry, and trying to keep up. What else is new, right?

Shawn and I had a date Friday night at our universities annual fundraising auction. He is a ringman for the auctioneer every year. It's a chance to dress up, have a free meal, and see each other somewhere besides our kitchen table. I pulled out the perfect little black dress I keep in the back of my closet and bought a new pair of killer heels. Killer meaning gorgeous. Perfect in every way. Except for the fact that because of tendon or ligament damage (nope, not broken) I am again in THE BLASTED BOOT! I put the heel on the bad foot and just about cussed. It would be a pretty long and hard walk from the parking lot to the ballroom but I wanted to try it. I couldn't even walk into the next room. So I did the next best thing, I wore the flip flop that's the same height as my boot in and carried my fabulous heel in a cute bag. After I found my table I made the switch, crossed my legs, stuck it out where it could be seen, and stayed put. For you see, the heel was quite a bit higher than my boot. So if I walked, I was lurching from side to side. Attractive, don't you think? It saved us a lot of money though since I didn't walk around to the hundreds of silent auction items.

But after a while I was drawn to the hor dourves table and then to the two men in my life that I call my second dads. I tried to look level. But I don't know if it worked.

Because I loved the shoe so much I decided to wear it out to the car. Shawn had met me there from work and he was nice enough to drive my car to the door for me. Love that guy:c)

You know how I take my camera everywhere with me?? Well since I'd carried an evening bag I didn't have it with me. That means I only had my cell phone for this picture. Under lit. Out of focus. Poor quality.

But I was having a good hair it's okay:c)

Just wish my fabulous heel was in the picture.


Cozyflier said...

OK, I've been wondering since fb, what is a RINGMAN???? Do Tell.
And yes, you 2 look awesome!

Kelly said...

First you do look fabulous, but I have to ask you were wearing heels?? Wow that means your hubby is really tall huh??? LOL

Kristi said...

You look fabulous but I REALLY want to see the shoes. :)