Thursday, June 11, 2009

My Summer Romance

I'm in love.Here we are together.Here's what I wear when we're together.Here are the eyes I look longingly into.Here's what I turn on:)Here's where my hand goes.This is just for show. Just to get me excited.Our love is so bright.Here's how I know when the love will end.This is how fast our love will grow.Some things I don't always understand.
And others get me excited.My girls are trying to understand the love. They just don't get it.Now if you'll excuse me. I think we're about to kiss. Bye!


miruspeg said...

You are sooo quirky Steph!
Love your sense of humour.
Love your car.
Love the photos. (except your green dress clashes with the blue car!)
Love the dialogue.
You are seriously one funny lady.
That last line "I think we are about to kiss"....what planet do you come from?

Thanks for putting a smile on my dial.

Anonymous said...

I could post the exact SAME post....only with photos of my VW bus! ) I can just see you in this car!

deedee said...

ohhhhh I think I'm in love too!

Debbie said...

What is his name and make? Is he really all yours? If only you could park him by the pool.

Cozyflier said...

So how long will you have this baby? Looks pretty sharp, but I must agree with Peggy, the green clashes!

The girls are way to young to understand the Corvair!

Robin said...

Love it!!!!
I sooooo love it!!!
I used to drive a '59 Olds. It was huge!!! And I would wear black cateye glasses while I drove it.

Enjoy it to the fullest!!
Mine is long gone.

Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

I soooo wanted a red corvair in high school. it had red plaid interior.