Thursday, June 25, 2009

Because it's her birfday!!

Does everyone love Facebook as much as me? I was a myspace user, and quite happy about it, for many years. When the tide started turning toward Facebook I was not happy. It was boring. No music, no graphics, no backgrounds. But when I caved and started finding friends from long ago, it was worth it.

There was one friend I had always wondered about. Jennifer. We had been really close my sophomore and her junior year of high school. She had gone by her step fathers last name and had been married so I had no idea what name to search for. When her brother appeared as a 'friend I might know' I requested him and not so patiently waited for approval so I could ask where his sister was. A few days later, I had a friend request from her!

Several back and forth messages and she broke the news to me, she was coming into town!!!

One summer evening last year I met her at a local mall for many hours of non-stop talking. We hadn't seen each other in 17 years!

Thanks to Facebook we can stay in contact but being in different states doesn't make for a lot of together time. Two weeks ago I got an interesting message from her.

Want to crash the '89 reunion with me tomorrow night?


I thought about it for a minute and said, "Why not!"

Less than 24 hours later she had made the drive into town and we drug out the old yearbooks to cram for the crashing.

Our high school was so small that we all knew people three years above and below us. After a few hours of reliving old stories we started getting ready to go. Luckily Jennifer knew that when crashing it's best not to show up at the actual begin time. See, I'm new at all of this. We compared outfits, picked shoes, and shared the bathroom just like we'd done in high school. And I think we looked pretty good!We jumped in the car and headed to the reunion site. I didn't know about her, but I was getting more nervous. As we pulled into the parking lot I was a little freaked out. Luckily she was, too! We sat in the car and discussed what to do. Thankfully another Facebook/high school friend that I knew was walking through the parking lot and volunteered to escort us in.

We were so glad we did! It was wonderful to see everyone again! But when you crash, this happens to your name tags.After catching up and grabbing a bite to eat we came back home. To sleep?? Of course not! You see, Jennifer's birthday was Saturday. She turned 37 at 4:14 a.m and wanted to stay up and watch herself get a year older. Even in our old age (hee hee) we were able to do it!

After snoozing for a few hours we woke up to celebrate with her until she had to leave. That meant coffee, breakfast, and some swimming. We were treated like royalty as Shawn and the girls fixed our breakfasts and delivered everything we could need to our lawn chairs.What an amazing 24 hours for both of us.

Jen, I love you!

Can't wait to crash your 20th next year:c) It's a date, right??


deedee said...

20th?? I wish..... Last year was my 40th class reunion and I didn't get to go :( Glad you had a great time!

Cozyflier said...

You make everything fun!