Thursday, December 10, 2009

Running on Fumes

It's that time of year. The craziness of the holiday season sets in the day before Thanksgiving. It doesn't stop until school is out for the year.

That's the weird part.

The holidays themselves don't wear me out, it's all the activities in between.

In the last two weeks we've had:
-two birthday parties
-two choir concerts
-three field trips
-an out-of-town trip
-a home tour that I was in charge of
-five board and committee meetings
-two stressful auditions with call backs
-and a partridge in a pear tree

I'm kind of kidding on that last one. Well, sort of. I do have a very 'birdie' spot on my driveway. As in, a huge pile. Just in one spot. Weird. But it's probably not a partridge...and it's a Yaupon Holly tree.

Anyway, moving on.

In the next two weeks we have:

-a voice recital
-a piano recital
-a daughter singing at a Christmas party
-three field trips
-two classroom parties
-50 teacher and staff gifts to make
-four honor choir practices
-a photography session
-a big project due
-a dinner to cater
-an out-of-town trip
-two orthodontic appointments
-a dentist appointment

Not to mention gift buying, wrapping, cooking, and cleaning.

Help me.

I thought this picture was appropriate.
My car holds 26 gallons.

Think I'm running on fumes?


sportzmom said...

Love it! We must drive the same car!!!! Happy craziness!

jean said...

Field trips? In December? What are these teachers thinking?!

I'll bet your 'dummy light' (low fuel light) was burning pretty brightly by the time you made a stop at the gas station. :-)

One day at a time...

Cozyflier said...

What kind of school schedules field trips in December??

Good luck. I can't keep up with my schedule and Docs, let alone what you have!


Kelly said...

And I thought I was busy.....