Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Water Menna

Does your family have cute little phrases that you say because at some age a child said it?

We have-

'Fis it' (Fix it), 'Hopital' (Hospital), and 'Lemontater Center' (Entertainment Center) from McKinley....

'Smarshmallow' (Marshmallow), 'Jason's Jelly' (Jason's Deli), and 'Happy Smothers Day' (Happy Mothers Day) from Kennedy...

'Framwich' (Sandwich), 'Ottomint' (Ottoman), and 'Swaba tail' (Swallowtail butterfly) from Reagan.

Mine was 'Water Menna' for Watermelon. Well, that and 'My Moon'.

Sorry, it's mine:c)

Today while lunching at Sam's we saw water menna like we've never seen it before.

Two carts full. Full. We just couldn't look away.

McKinley and I pulled out our phones and started nonchalantly snapping.Luckily we could see the register and watched as the cashier rang them up.You know when you catch your children staring and you tell them it's not the polite thing to do? Well, that would have been a good idea but I myself couldn't look away.Any guess how many there are? I was no where near on my guess.


54 watermelons. In two carts. I had to be impressed.

And sadly we had to leave as soon as they did so we could scope out the car and the loading procedure.

Seriously, what am I teaching my children?

And who else wants to know how much they all cost? My Lasik procedure is clearly paying for itself because even from the distance I could plainly see, $214.

I really wish I could have asked why. Where. For whom. Or what time I should show up. It pains me to not know.

Guess I could have followed them home. But that would have been a bit much. After all, my girls were in the car.

But the best part of the whole experience?

When leaving Sam's you have to have your receipt read and marked. The man in front of the couple had a watermelon in his cart. The receipt checker said, "Looks like you are the last person to get a watermelon from us today."

I cracked up.

Who would have guessed. We got pizza and a show!


Jennifer said...

That's hilarious!!

One of my kid's word is pssghetti (instead of spaghetti)

Robin said...

2 things: watermelon is good for a man's libido.
and yes my kids and I have our language. Buggerflys, tomario, and ceramic crap...I'll let you figure it out.
For that matter Roy and I have our own lingo. He and I are the only two people in the world and will take about every thing under the sun at anytime...ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. So we have code words. WE also speak in 10 Codes...it's a cop thing.

Margaret Glyn said...

How about psgetti? Or was that Stacy?