Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Colorado Day 1 Part 2

Man, isn't that a title that just makes you want to hurry and click that mouse button? Geez.

I promise the pictures will make it worth the click.

After our short hike and long stream playing, we decided we were ready to really play in the water. We drove for a while until we found what looked like a good place. Everyone piled out and started climbing the rocks to go play in the water. I...I...did not feel right. We had picked a place that had a little to many rocks that made the water fast and rough. The girls couldn't even stand up without help.Shawn was having fun, but I was freaked and asked if we could go somewhere else. He got everyone safely out of the water before he showed me what his shoes did when water logged.Yes, we're easily entertained.

We drove a bit farther and found the perfect spot. Rock skipping, wading, and rock tossing quickly started. I took pictures for a while and then handed the camera to my Dad and joined the fun.Hello perfect backdrop! Wish I could roll it up and take it with me.Hmmm, Christmas card??Because the girls had worn their flip flops for the short hike there were a few times that a flip flop came off and started floating away. They were always grabbed by someone and play continued. But after Shawn had decided to sit on the shore for a while and clean the rocks out of his shoes one of Reagan's slipped off and got away from us. He saw it floating away, slipped on his shoe that he was shaking out, and ran after it. We all cheered as he grabbed it.He didn't join our celebration though. He was looking down and pulling at things in the water. Turns out, while he was rescuing Reagan's $1 flip flop, he lost one of his $100 tennis shoes. He'd stepped out of it while running as it got lodged between two rocks. We joined in the hunt pulling at every black rock just to make sure. After several minutes he took his other shoe off and set it in the water to watch what happened. It turned upside down and floated away. We grabbed it, gave up, and headed to the car. Shawn just couldn't let it be though. He told me to pick him up and set off down the side of the road. I loaded everyone in and started driving. We spotted him about 1/4 later and guess what?He'd found it! Who would have guessed!After such excitement we headed into Fort Collins to take my Dad to his favorite restaurant followed by Ben and Jerry's ice cream around the fountain. What an exciting and fun-filled day our first day had been. And my Dad told me it was the best birthday he'd ever had.

As for me, I was worn slick out, happy, and had another piece to my odd collection.

Oklahoma rocks. What a great day.


Carol............. said...

You guys are having much fun..good pictures!

Cozyflier said...

Trying to catch up! Looks like you crammed as much into your trip as we did ours!!!

Kelly said...

Looks like you guys had a great time!!!