Monday, August 10, 2009

Missed it by that much

My favorite local sandwich place takes names to call you when your order is ready. The first time I ate there was with a friend on my 16th birthday. Funny thing, I also ate there on my 32nd birthday. And my 35th and 36th. And over a hundred times in between.

On a trip my junior year of high school I thought it would be fun to turn in the name I wished I'd been named, just for fun. As I sat with all my girlfriends they all got their food and I was still waiting. They called a name several times and we all laughed at how dumb that person had to be to have forgotten their food. The fourth time Mercedes was called I realized that was me. I was so embarrassed at this time that I excused myself to go to the bathroom and sneakily grabbed my sandwich on my way. Sad, I know.

So why Mercedes? Some late 80's movie had a beautiful girl by that name. Anyone know what it was? I'll be forever grateful:)

But now to the reason for this post. I know, I know. Man can I ramble.

I've really started paying attention to how they spell my name. I've gotten Steffany, Stepanee, and
Good thing the food is incredible.

And I must say, the receipts are pretty entertaining:c)


Unknown said...

Was it License to Drive? I've never seen it so I'm not being brilliant. Just googled it. It would be interesting if there is more than one movie with Mercedes as a character.

miruspeg said...

HA!!! You crack me up!!! Seriously... I am laughing OUT LOUD. You are such a lark "Mercedes".


Becky said...

Amy beat me to it! I was thinking License to Drive too.

jean said...

I can give people a LITTLE more slack for misspelling your name than mine - yours is more than one syllable! You'd be surprised how many different ways people can spell JEAN. And then I always have to spell my last name (LOVE) for them, too! Crazy... But you're right - as long as the food & service are good - and they get my order right - I don't care how they spell my name! :-)