Friday, December 10, 2010

My Three Beauties

Another part of our traditional Christmas tree cutting trip is to take new head shots of the girls for three frames I have in my entry way. I started it three years ago when I had my point and shoot camera and lucked out and got beautiful pictures of each girl. No one was more surprised then me. This year with my new fancy schmancy camera and Nifty Fifty lens I was excited. I anticipated three gorgeous outcomes.

But remember the wind I mentioned? And the miserable cold I mentioned? We had the hardest time finding a spot in the shade, but not dappled shade, that was out of the wind, and then tried to shoot quickly because I made them take their coats off. I didn't want their coats in the picture. Such a good mom, don't you think?

I feel like if I'd been able to put them any where I wanted I would have gotten better shots...but with three such beautiful girls, I don't think I could get a really bad picture:D

And yes, I might be a bit biased.

Reagan-My little blond haired, blue eyed beauty. She is the peacemaker in the family. The most compassionate. She has her first big part in a school presentation this Thursday. She wanted the lead but was put in a duet because she's the only third grade girl who the teacher knew could sing in harmony. She's in a committed relationship and has been for the last seven years. She still gives me hugs without me having to ask for them. Kennedy-My middle school beauty. She has her Gogo's beautiful smooth, dark skin and Gogo's silky hair. My Green Kangaroo. (Anyone remember that children's book?) The one who is going to grow up, become famous, and give her parents lots of money. She lives for performing. She plays piano, viola, guitar, soccer, and basketball. She's willing to try anything. She is nothing like me. McKinley-My 9th grader who always says, "I prefer freshman." She's counting down the days until she can get her license. She's obsessed with chicken. Not so much the actual food, but the word. Ask what she wants for dinner and you'll always hear, "Chicken." Sneak up behind her and startle her and she'll say, "Chicken." Ask what she wants for Christmas and you're told, "Chicken." Head over heels in love with Justin Bieber and an amazing pianist, she sees them as a match made in heaven. She is most like me in a lot of basically we don't always get along. They keep me on my toes and on my knees in prayer. I love them more than I ever imagined I could.


Cozyflier said...

And we love them too!

Robin said...

Beautiful, all three!!!