Monday, December 20, 2010 the corners...sorry

It's gone.Sniff sniff.

We're growing up around here.

We bought it when I was pregnant with Kennedy. I went to get all the lumber and hardware and accessories in my Grandpa's little pick-up truck. When they saw how pregnant I was they loaded it all for me.

Shawn spent a few days assembling every single piece with absolutely no help from me.

When he attached the slide and told me the weight limit was 500 pounds, I got excited and climbed up into the playhouse.

Sadly they didn't mention that your tushie had to be mere inches across or you wouldn't fit no matter how much you weighed.

All the girls learned to swing on it.

All the girls learned to jump out of the swing and stick their landing.

Sand castles were built and destroyed in the sand box.

Secrets were shared in the playhouse.

Access to the garage roof was achieved from that playhouse.

Meals were eaten and dishes were left in the playhouse. Along with pool towels and stray light weight furniture.

But we're growing up.

Another family now owns it and 5 children will wake up Christmas morning to start their own memories.

Yes, I'm sad.

But the 200 bucks is helping me through it:c)

Thanks for the memories.

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Cozyflier said...

At least you still have a pool and a trampoline!