Monday, March 2, 2009

Yes, I'm cheap

Have we discussed this before? I, apparently, am cheap. It doesn't mean we're rolling in money because of my thriftiness, but I do try to conserve money where possible.

To that end...I wanted to let you in on a little trick of mine.

I don't like peppers; red, green, yellow, or orange. I do however feel like some recipes just aren't the same if you leave them out. Plus, I promised my mom I would make my girls eat food that I personally don't like. Another example; mushrooms. Bleck!

Okay, back to the cheapness. I buy peppers in bulk from Sam's, dice them, and freeze them. That way when I need some for a recipe, there they are! Ready to go.

Although I don't like them...they are pretty.
First, I lop off the top, clean it out, slice into strips, and dice away.
By the time I'm finished I have at least a six month supply waiting for all those recipes that have to have them.
Maybe I'm not as cheap as I think. Maybe I'm just a genius!!


vgsmom said...

Great tip! Since you're thrifty, maybe I could just pay you to chop some for me, too.

Renee said...

Not like peppers? How can our friendship continue? Wait, you don't like mushrooms...okay, that one saved us!! lol!!
I love the pictures!

Unknown said...

I agree. I don't like peppers of any kind, but some recipes do have to have them. I have never thought of chopping them and freezing ahead of time. I serve a taco ring thingy and it looks especially pretty at Christmas time to serve the sour cream and salsa in the middle of it with a red and green pepper hollowed out to hold the condiments. I don't eat them though. Now, mushrooms! I love mushrooms. YUM!! Makes me want some just thinking about them. Do you like them served in recipes like the peppers?

Kelly said...

I do the same thing with the green bellpeppers. My FIL grows them every summer so we have tons! I so wish I could figure out how to freeze lots of other things that come in the summer!!!
Oh and I don't like peppers either, my hubby loves them stuffed with what we call dirty rice, and I only eat the stuffing, he eats the whole thing pepper and all.