Thursday, August 21, 2008

Slumber Party-Part 3

So the stickers...oh, the stickers. McKinley recently spent the night with two friends. They each texted the other ones planning pranks. (Again, don't get me started.) It ended up that everyone ended up being 'stickered'. Don't know what 'stickered' entails? It's basically waiting for someone to fall asleep and then you put stickers all over their bodies. Kirsten's mom is a teacher so the stickers were in good supply. Each of the three girls got stickered that night.

Fast forward to our sleepover. The 7th graders had already planned their attack.

The ploy:put a movie on for the little girls-wait for them to fall asleep-cover them with stickers. Who would have guessed that when the movie was over not only were the little girls asleep, but so was Kirstin! McKinley and Becca got to work. Kirstin had brought 2400 St. Patrick's Day stickers. I sat and watched for a while but got tickled and couldn't stop laughing! I got Becca and McKinley laughing also and Kirstin started to move. Everytime she'd make a move we'd all hit the floor to try to hide. It's at that point that I decided to get the camera out. Kirstin woke up because of the laughter and was not amused! For the next two and a half hours I watched while they meticulously covered almost every inch of exposed skin on the six little girls. We had apparently worn them out because they all slept through it.

Their attention to detail was amazing. Look how they perfectly placed this one in the ear.

These were placed in this area to resemble Chicken Pox.

No part of the sticker sheet was wasted.

Look how each individual toe has its own sticker.Kennedy was the only one sleeping on her back so she was given special face decorations.As you can see, Jackie 'O' is an excellent bodyguard. She just about licked Kirstin's hand instead of defending her owner.

Kennedy got a lot of special attention. I think she got more stickers then anyone else. At one point all three 7th grade girls were working on her.

What a fun way to spend the wee hours of the morning. Here are just a few more of my favorite pictures.And just in case you were wondering...I'm still cleaning them up! They've turned up in the weirdest places:C)


Jennifer Chronicles ( said...

oh, girl. you are one good momma.

Anonymous said...

I could have used this idea the other night, Amelia and Ashley were trying to do nails AND makeup on Tyler, Zach, and Garret - they woke up!!!

Anonymous said...; You saved my day again.