Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bike Ride

As we sat outside last night eating dinner Shawn and I decided we should all go for a bike ride. We usually just ride around our neighborhood but he suggested we take our bikes to the lake. Boy am I glad we did! Look what greeted us as we came up from under the bridge.
It was such a great night!
We had plans to go to the playground but from where we started it was on the complete opposite side! We decided instead to practice rock skipping.
Shawn is really good!
I, of course, just took pictures until my battery went dead.

Wow! Look at that sky. Isn't God amazing?


Anonymous said...

indeed nobody paints like GOD! these are amazing pics!! thx for your comment. i just recently enabled the ability to edit. on the chance anyone reads it, i didn't post it. but, i appreciate the comment. i had a feeling they were back. it still surprises me. I love all your pics!!!! especially all those peaches and watermelons. lovin' your blog.

Anonymous said...

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