Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Remember me telling you about my fabulous friend Jalene?  And that we were shooting prom together?  If not, pay attention!


Prom was Saturday and I must say, it was so much fun!  I attended the same school but we weren't allowed to have proms because of an old will, a man of many beliefs, and a church.  It's too much to go into now.  We had banquets.  They were fun...but now I know what I was missing. 

Jalene handled the posed pictures and I shot candids.  I fought off and on with my external flash, but finally when all the lights were turned off for dancing (except some strobe lights, don't worry) I got it.  But what I found out about high schoolers dancing is, they dance toward the center of the room.  I have a lot of pictures of behinds.  And the two times I pushed through to the middle?  It was dangerous!  I still got some good shots though.  Jalene on the other hand?  Not many people wanted posed.  Sad really.  Those that did didn't have money with them.  From what we've heard about the previous photographers, people weren't impressed.  Hopefully we can build trust and show them how awesome we are, and by the Fall Ball (that we also get to shoot), they'll know we rock!

I could share some of my favorite pictures from the evening, but instead I wanted to share the most popular one.
This is the picture I put on Facebook to ask which shoe was better. 

It got a lot of comments.  And the results were split almost down the middle.  Luckily I was too distracted after I took the picture to take them off so I picked the bow one based on comfort.  Sadly an hour and a half in they were no longer comfortable.  Thank goodness I'd worn flip flops there to set up and switched into them before the dancing started:) 

And about the dancing.  I'm a good little girl who never really learned how to.  My church didn't condone dancing so I just never did it.  Times have changed and now it's okay.  Sadly it's too late for me.  I can step touch, but that's about it.  But you know what happens when you're taking pictures of dancing teenagers for three hours?  You have to let it out!  I busted out a few step touches every once in a while.  It felt so good!

Don't worry, it was dark and I doubt anyone saw me.

They were blind from my flash:c)

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Cozyflier said...

Sounds to me like you need to send flyers home next ball or prom or what ever and let these parents know that you will be taking pictures and to send $$$$ with kids so they can have memories!
I want to see pics!