Monday, November 15, 2010

42 Minutes

I've mentioned before that Kennedy was in a 'relationship'. When a 5th grader starts a relationship these days it means the question is asked and then the couple texts back and forth daily. That's the 'relationship'. But with Kennedy and Caleb they did actually talk in person. They exchanged gifts. And they went on an actual date. To a musical. It was so cute. But one night at dinner she got a text, rushed to finish eating, and left the table. I didn't have time to ask what had happened until we were at McKinley's choir concert. Very casually she said that Caleb had broken up with her. Then after a brief pause she asked if she could go out with someone else. Yep, the word had already spread and she had a new prospect. I quickly explained that it would be rude to Caleb. She was okay with that. (Sorry Christie.) I caved because we were in the middle of a song and I knew that as a 6th grader the ramifications of what was happening weren't really going to make a difference.

Ramifications. We're getting pretty classy around this here blog, aren't we?

So within a matter of minutes she was again in a 'relationship'. And at this point, since she's now in a third one, I can't even remember the second boys name!

After the concert she was telling McKinley all about it. McKinley also had a 5th grade 'relationship'. Hers was literally just writing notes. I don't know that they ever sat together or spoke a word out loud to each other. When it ended (and I'm not sure how we knew) she was concerned that it would hurt his moms feelings. Sweet girl, isn't she? Well, that sweet girl did some quick math and very loudly said, "She was only single for 42 minutes??" Since then that simple fact has made McKinley quite crazy. We've all just sat back and giggled.

So Kennedy is now in her third 'relationship' in 8 months. (Are we tired of the quotes around relationship yet? I'd quit but feel it would look like I'd forgotten.) All I know about this boy is he is much cuter than his 5th grade yearbook picture. And let me just state for the record, if I'm not friends with his mom, I don't see how it will work out.

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