Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I just lived through my first Oklahoma earthquake!

Our neighbor is a welder and my house can vibrate for 8 hours a day since his equipment is right outside my den and kitchen wall. When the rattling started I thought he was firing everything up. But when there was a big boom and everything started shaking I freaked out! My walls were shaking! Things were falling off the walls! I was on the phone with a friend who was at our church 5 blocks away and she didn't feel a thing! I really thought it was my neighbor then. I went outside to look down his driveway when I heard some alarms going off. I didn't think alarms would be affected by welding. So I went to the most reliable source; Facebook.

Yep. We had a 4.3 earthquake about 38 miles from us. It was felt into Kansas and Texas as well. I must say, I don't ever need to feel that again.

Some of my favorite Facebook posts about it:

-Great. All my OSU friends are going to be talking about the big fault in Norman... I prefer to think mother nature just quivers at the sight of the future 2010-2011 national champs...

-Okay...going to my house to turn the alarm off. Oklahoma is having it's own apocalypse. Snow over your head, hail as big as your head and now earthquakes. I'm getting my locust spray ready.

-I'm glad my husband wasn't home this morning when the house rattled - I so would have blamed him for it and accused him of eating the forbidden Big Truck Taco...

- The ground is moving because of my awesomeness! Don't be fooled by the news reports!

-Just want to say "Congratulations" to our local science museum on their earthquake simulator. That was exactly how it felt at my house this morning!


- That wasn't an earthquake; that was a herd of people running towards my car lot. They are just excited about the savings.

-I love that you can get all your information from FB about natural phenomenons......

I am glad I have humor in this scary situation!

For all my friends who live where that can happen a lot, I am praying for you!!

And let me just say for the record, if there's a tornado in San Francisco while I'm there, I'm going to assume it's me:C)

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Cozyflier said...

Tyler was what, 2 miles from you and slept through the entire event!
Hugs, C