Saturday, January 10, 2009

Run away!

If you can't handle questionable posts, run away!

I stopped by stat counter today and came across this.

Someone searching on Google (hate that search engine!) found me with this search.

"mom's VERY HOTS"

Be prepared for the things that showed up besides me!

*Moms teaching teens how to **** (I can't even type it!)
*The internets hottest older women site
*My friends hot mom
*Rosario's mom's hots
*Hottest mom in America-this one is my favorite.

Wish they'd searched for that and found me for real!!


Anonymous said...

Ewwww! Gross!!

Kristie said...

OK, I need to figure out how you do those google searches to find out the key words. I'd love to know how (if) people find my site. Next time we're working on the yearbook, will you show me? Although I doubt (sadly) that anyone would find me looking for hot moms. :)